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    My name Teshi is a west African word used to describe transformation and passion. I'm a singer/songwriter and fitness trainer turned designer. Growing up in Africa, and now living in Malibu, Ca I have been fortunate to be surrounded by so much nature, so my garment is inspired by life and art. 

    It is a call to action for the garment wearer to live freely and live fearlessly.

    During my adolescent years in Africa, despite all the hardships of running around with very little clothing, sometimes without shoes and meager sustenance, I still felt free and strong. We didn't lack for anything because there was always an abundance of love coming from our mother and I made it out! 

    So it is not about what you wear or what you have. It is about how you feel about yourself. Transforming your life and making the world a better place! The freedom to be you. Loving yourself! And giving back to those who are less fortunate than you. 

    I want to give back through my music, my fitness and my philosophy. Promoting global harmony through art. 

    A PERCENTAGE OF OUR PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO  ORGANIZATIONS THAT ENCOURAGES THE YOUTH TO BE INVOLVED WITH THE ARTS. Art helps their self esteem. A healthy self esteem fosters tolerance that makes our humanity better. 

    When you wear this garment  you are embodying that spirit of love, compassion and humility that comes from light. You are a revolutionary rebel, a fighter, a lover, a sinner, flawed but yet authentic. Imperfect but beautiful like my garment.